Friday Five: The Things We Do For Love

Well, OK, you may not know 10cc’s one-hit wonder. (Or maybe they had 2 hits.) But that’s my introduction for this week’s Friday Five. 🙂

Songbird writes:

I have a friend who, when she has to be away from her child, goes to the trouble of planning a present for each of the days they will be apart. (This is not one of those stories where “a friend” means the person who is telling the story.) I’m impressed by her organizational skills and her creativity and her thoughtfulness.

She does these things for love.

And although love looks different depending on how we best express it, there are definitely things we do for love. So for today’s Friday Five, please share the following five things:

1) Something you did for love that was a hit:  Found a snake and his accoutrements for a daughter who had wanted a “non-poisonous snake” for Christmas. She asked for a snake starting in fourth grade. We finally surprised her with it when she was in high school. That snake still lives with us (not our Johnnie). Sigh. Yeah, that was definitely for love. And he was definitely a hit.

2) Something you did for love that was more of a miss:  Had my husband “kidnapped” by friends to go play laser tag on his birthday. He came home with bruises and an almost-broken toe.

3) Something someone did for love of you: Gave me music lessons on the piano for MANY years, and then later let me mark out 5 yard markers in the back yard so I could practice for Ohio State marching band try-outs.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

4) Something you *wish* someone would do for love of you: Do miscellaneous household chores without my asking or having to go behind and finish them.

5) Something you’ve done for love of God: Set aside my public consumption of alcohol to honor those who struggle with addictions. To honor their struggle and their desire to love and follow God more closely, I put my own preferences aside.


There’s probably a lot more I’ve done for love but they’ll keep for another time…

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