Manic Monday Link Love

It has been a couple of ridiculously busy days. If I hadn’t found these links early, I’d have nothing for ya.

DISCLAIMER: No endorsement is intended in sharing these links. You get to read some interesting stuff. And I get to hear your thoughts. 🙂

  1. Tired of “plastic church”? Well, we all SAY that we are. How close are you to doing something about it? Here’s a good self-evaluation tool. 
  2. If I posted the “don’t be plastic” church link, then I have to share this video. And stop speaking in Christianese!
  3. I hadn’t been to the Emerging Women Blog in a while. I liked this post by Irim. Though I’m not Catholic (and I don’t pray the Rosary) I liked her self-discovery and her desire to be authentic in her faith practices.
  4. As a chaplain, I am constantly learning from my patients and their families… Thank you, Beth, for blogging your musings. 
  5. Third Way has a suggestion on “how to end extremism in Washington”… Let ALL the people say, “AMEN!”
  6. If I were Rupert Murdoch, I would NOT be flattered…
  7. OK, I am now inspired. I want to carve a pumpkin this year like one of these!

As always, thanks for the links you send my way! 🙂 And have another Manic Monday

One thought on “Manic Monday Link Love

  1. Eeesh, speaking Christian. That “name and claim” business of the prosperity gospel continues to be both baffling and frightening to me. The only things Christians should be naming and claiming are God’s love and serving others.


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