Friday Five: Home Sweet Home

Songbird writes:

I’ve got home on my mind: what it feels like, how we make it, what we carry from the past and how we separate other people’s leftovers from objects that really reflect our identity. My family has had one home for the past 13 years, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. As the time when all the children are gone comes closer, I wonder where my next home will be?

So here are five questions about home.

1) Where was your first home?

I was born and lived most of my life in Ohio (with a short hiatus to South Carolina) until grad. school and marriage. So for me, the word that speaks “home” is Ohio… however, I have not lived in any of the homes my parents owned or rented most recently. Now that we have our own home, “home” is here with my beloved and daughters.

2) Do you ever dream about places you used to live?

Not really. They have a lot of good memories associated with them, though.

3) If you could bring back one person from your past to sit at your dinner table, who would you choose?


4) What’s your favorite room in your current living space?

Ooh that’s a hard one. We had our kitchen remodeled last year, and I love it! However, I’d have to say our sitting room is my favorite room right now because of the natural lighting and comfy seating. Great place to flop and read.

5) Is there an object or an item where you live now that represents home? If not, can you think of one from your childhood?

My piano! My parents got it for me when I was headed to college as a music major. It is woefully underplayed, but I do enjoy it. And I think of them and their support and confidence in me when I play.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Home Sweet Home

  1. I like thinking of you and your piano. My parents bought me a piano, but I never practiced. My two daughters took piano lessons, but still the un-used piano sits in our house. A friend teaches piano, so I am considering taking lessons from her. You may have nudged me in that direction!


  2. I first thought of my piano when answering these questions ( I’m 71, and moving a piano is difficult. So I considered giving my piano to a grandchild. My son, who’s now 48 and tired of moving my piano from place to place, said, “Mom, I thought you’d give away your BED before you’d give up your PIANO.” He moved it into my newest place a couple of months ago.


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