Projects, completions, endings and beginnings: Friday Five

Sally over at RevGals got the party started and I’m late in arriving… but here’s her prompt for a very celebratory Friday Five:

Many apologies for this being a little late today, when I woke this morning I had one thing on my mind and that was the completion of my Masters Thesis. Well I’ve done it, just some tidying up now so it is ready to submit by 3rd October. For me this marks the end of a programme of study that began in 2006, and has included formation for ministry and the Master’s study. The journey along the way has been filled with endings and beginnings of different sorts, but the feeling of having completed something is terrific!

How about you as you look back over the last few years:

1. Have you completed something? What was it, and how did you celebrate?

Oh yeah! That beautiful M.Div. diploma is in my study. It took four years and a lot of encouragement, prayer and support from family and friends but it happened. We had a YAHOO!! she’s finally DONE! party in the spring of 2010. 🙂 There was gobs of food and lots of friends.

2. Is there something you are waiting to begin?

Well… I’d love to finish CPE and complete the board certification process to be a chaplain. Maybe by this time next year, I will be! I have one more unit which begins in October… and then the process of writing down the PAGES of information that will be required. Yeah that’s a little daunting.

3. Is there a project you keep putting off and why?

I want to write a biography about the life of my many-great grandmother Ellen Brown Hickox Stewart. She inspires me. And I want to share her story!

4. What would be your dream project/job?

Oooohhh… Well. I’d like to run a bookstore-coffee shop-church on a beach. I’d like enough time to write that biography and maybe a bunch of other books that are kicking around in my head. And I’d like to have a counter-cultural women’s speaking circuit that goes beyond pearls and cutsie stories. I want to empower women to dream big and serve God with all of the enthusiasm, joy and excitement for life that wells up in them when they see that opportunity that is “perfect”… You asked. I’m dreaming. 🙂

5. Be creative, you are going to publish a book/ song/poem, what is its title?

Well, I’ve always liked my blog title… An Unfinished Symphony. Because most of us never “put pen to paper” and I’d like to see that God-song welling up and spilling out into the world. What will it take to move us forward and actually DO it? (I’m game if you are!)

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