Monday Link Love

Phooey. I had a bunch of links started on a post for last week and managed to delete the post… this may not be as funny (or as long).

1. In case you were in a soundproof room somewhere, it IS National Talk Like a Pirate Day. I thought you’d like the official link. I personally like this one better. 🙂

2. I already blogged about my view on Pat Robertson’s suggestion that it was OK to divorce a spouse with Alzheimers. Here’s a follow-up post from out there in the blogosphere. Oh yeah, and this one.

3. Now that the rains have stopped, we are dealing with ants, mold and mud. And the Chesapeake Bay is a mess. I’m thinking we might get involved in a clean-up effort during Earth Day this year. Check out the images here if you need motivation to join in too.

4. The course load for high school students is getting increasingly harder as the years go by. Reedy Girl is taking 3 APs this year; (to be clear, they are her choice of courses, and her preference instead of honors classes.) However some folks claim that APs are either a scam and only makes the College Board richer; (they have a point — it IS a monopoly!) or it is a waste of money since many schools do not accept AP scores of less than a 4 (out of a 5 point scale). Or, unless you are going to continue studying the subject (i.e. foreign language), the credits may not count at all (at least, according to Stanford.) The Johnnie did not get to apply any of her AP credits to her coursework at St. John’s College, which we knew would be the case. But are they not worth taking? Ah. That’s another post. Stay tuned. 🙂

5. It’s Agribusiness vs. “boutique” farmers. One way to keep the availability of heritage seeds available to a wider audience is to invest in a seed catalogue company.

6. Speaking of Agribusiness, consider joining in the activities for Food Day! My church, Church In Bethesda, will be screening the movie Ingredients on October 24th, and hosting vendors from local sustainable farms and food sources.

7. If you live in the Washington, DC area, you can support a local business that will deliver local, organic produce, dairy and eggs to your door every week. We have been receiving boxes from Washington’s Green Grocer for a couple of years now. Love their stuff! Love their service! 🙂

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