We’re moving from summer to school year… from vacation to work…

Bearded Brewer has returned to the demands of the Blackberry, phone and email (though things weren’t horrible when he started back, it’s been busy!) The Johnnie goes back to college in a week so there’s a flurry of packing, piling, sorting and purchasing. Reedy Girl goes to Driver’s Ed in the morning, and band camp every evening. She has two books to read for summer reading and a summer math packet. I’ll start my fourth unit of CPE in October, and in the mean time am doing some per diem chaplain work.

Suddenly the pace of our lives has accelerated. Everything is changing, which is the way of life. Well, except for the cats, who still find comfy places to snooze. Priorities, you know. 🙂

I stopped to take a few photos in the yard over the last few days. The rhythm of our days and the seasons remind me that God’s in charge. I’m not unsettled, but I’m aware that life is unsettled. So I rest in the peace that God gives, and the safe place of trust and security that can only be found there.

Grateful to be one of God’s “simple folk”…


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5 The LORD is mericful
and righteous;
our God is compassionate.
6 The LORD protects simple folk;
he saves me
whenever I am brought down.
7 I tell myself, You can be at peace again
because the LORD
has been good to you.
8 You, God, have delivered me from death,
my eyes from tears,
and my foot from stumbling,
9 so I’ll walk before the LORD
in the land of the living.

Psalm 116 CEB


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