Friday Five: Decisions, Decisions (deja vu edition)

Sharon from RevGalBlogPals has this week’s Friday Five:

I am pinch hitting today, my first time, as your Friday Five RevGal.  Like the song “The Macarena” was for Los Del Rio, this could very well be a one-hit wonder, so thanks for playing! Today we play off of one of my favorite and most memorable Friday Fives to blog from: Decisions, Decisions posted by Songbird last July 23.  I went back to that post to make sure I had new choices for you to make.  I found out — again — that she was then, as I have been recently, in the midst of a discernment process and thinking about what goes into decision making.

A decision from history:  There is a chair that still sits in the Assembly Room of the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall). Legend has it that it was George Washington’s chair, the back carved with a half sun.  Benjamin Franklin would look at it and wonder whether it was a rising or a setting sun.  Eventually Franklin decided it was the hopeful symbol of the rising sun, a sign of the future of our new republic.
How do you decide? Check out the following pairs and tell which one of each appeals to you most:
1) Sunrise or Sunset: Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezie! Sunset. Sunrise means getting up early in the morning, to which I say: Meh. Besides, you rarely see a sunrise this beautiful:
2) To the Mountains or To the Beach: The beach!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me sand in my drawers any day over chiggers where it ain’t polite to scratch in public. 😉 And the beauty… the peace… ahhhhh.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
3) Coffee or Tea:  All together now: COFFEE. Especially with a bit of hazelnut creamer.
4) Advent or Lent:  Hmmmm…. because of the event-craziness of Advent, I’m going to go with Lent. Spiritually, I have gained more from the Lenten practices and the commercialization of Easter hasn’t quite taken off like Christmas, so the Lenten season is a bit more pure in its content and intent.
5) “Raindrops on Roses” or “Whiskers on Kittens”: Daaawwws. Kittens.
BONUS:  Tell more about one of the pairs.  Why did you choose it?  Difficult or easy choice?  A story from your own experience? Really, there weren’t any tussles for me on these choices. But then, being a high “J” in Myers-Briggs, that’s not really unpredictable. 😉


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