Things you don’t plan…

Things you don’t plan…

– A bat in your garage. Two nights in a row. At least one bat has left now, or so Bearded Brewer has promised me. I don’t want to know if there are any more.

– The blender breaking while making smoothies. Especially not wonderful when the smoothie is for Reedy Girl, who is now without her wisdom teeth. The plastic gear at the bottom of the blender pitcher busted, and cracked the bottom ring and part of the glass. Yeah. Buh-bye. I’ll get a new one tomorrow.

– Finding out that the pain medication (Percoset) our lovely daughter was taking for her tooth extraction pain was causing her rather unfortunate physical reaction. I know I can’t return the drug, but I am not going to keep it here in the house. It’s going away. And it’s going on our list of drugs with “unacceptable side effects.” I can’t call it an “allergy” but I can say “no thank you.”

– Discovering that the ONLY week that The Johnnie can have her wisdom teeth out is going to be 5 days before Christmas. I think we all agree that pretty much sucks all the way around. The other option is to send her back to school next month with only 3 days post-surgery. I don’t think so.

– Learning that educated adults can not put aside their political posturing and do what’s right for a whole nation. Really? How old are you? Twelve? Whatever happened to “working together” and “bi-partisanship”? Oh wait. I got it. It’s too close to the next election for that. (And P.S. — Mr. Speaker. Lay off the tanning beds or the tanning gels or whatever it is you are using to make your skin that color. You’re starting to resemble the color of a Cheezit! TM)

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  1. Thanks to you I will now think of him as Mr. Cheezeit….lol

    But really, this situation is just ridiculous!

    And, my daughter just had her wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago. She went back to work after three days, but was not really back to her normal self for a couple more days, five, I think.


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