Well, I have a lot of little bits of news and thoughts rattling around so here’s a very disconnect blog post…

  • I have a fourth CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) unit lined up. It will be an “extended unit” which means that I will be there 20 hours a week from October-April. The down side is that it will seem like FOREVER to get this unit done. The up side is that I can work my on-call chaplain work on the side, and still have a family life. That kinda rocks. I’ll be at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. I don’t really know much about what units I’ll have as assignments… that’s all TBD. But I’m kinda jazzed. At the conclusion of four units I can go for my board certification as a chaplain. (It doesn’t mean that I will BE certified — but it does mean that I’m one step closer!)
  • I know that I know that I know that I’m called to this work of pastoring. I am also DONE with the discussion as to whether women “should” be pastors or not. Don’t GET me started. The same tired questions come up every time. ( You know… “So what does it mean in I Cor. 14 when it says, “Let the women keep silent?”) Well, bucko, it’s like this. If you already have formed your opinion and you want to try to browbeat me down, fuggedaboudit. I’ve done the research, read the books, papers, and heard the same tired arguments. It doesn’t change what God has done and will continue to do in my life, through my gifts and most of the time, in spite of me. I never would have picked this as a vocation. That’s why it’s called “a calling” you know. 🙂
  • We’re watching our old kitty, Polgara, pretty closely. She’s getting stiffer and stiffer, crabbier and crabbier. She still can go up and down steps (carefully) and she has been using the litter box (good thing). She’s 15 which isn’t THAT old for a cat, but she’s looking creaky. This kinda makes me sad. She’s a sweet kitty. She’s just a bit terrorized by Henry, our rambunctious boy cat.
  • We are about to start on 2 rounds of yanking wisdom teeth. Both The Johnnie and Reedy Girl are the patients. Reedy Girl’s oral surgery is on Monday, July 25th, so if you are the praying kind of person… please do so!
  • Speaking of Reedy Girl, she comes back on Friday from Creative Writing Camp at Duke. We’ve really missed her. I am looking forward to hearing her stories and getting caught up on all that’s happened.
  • It’s beastly hot and I truly hate hot weather. BLEAH. GRUMBLE. WHINE. (OK, I’m done now.)
I know this is disjointed… I kinda warned you. 🙂


  1. Glad you have a CPE position for the fall. I did an extended unit and liked it. Worked on an Alzheimer’s unit. And, I can’t believe you are so bombarded by statements of call and that reference to 1 Cor. Yeesh! Have you reminded them that Paul wrote that to people in the Middle East in the year 40, or something like that, and that even todY there are problems with sharia law being lived out…stoning women, etc. Is that really the way we think women ought to be treated? Paul wrote many good things but some of his statements are limited by context!


    • NIH is a different health care animal… I could be on an oncology unit, or in a palliative care (post-discharge pain management) unit. There’s also a pediatric emphasis. I’m open to where I need to be.

      On the Pauline issue, I think comes up because I’m a 3rd career pastor. And because people either are afraid to deal with it so they say stuff like, “well you know I’ve heard (something incredibly out of context here) what do you think?” Or they are patronizing. Or they insist women can be pastors, “just not HEAD pastors”… I know some AWESOME female head pastors, dontcha know? 🙂


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