Order from chaos

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One of the left-over issues from construction last fall was that a whole lotta stuff got crammed, shoved, stashed or otherwise piled into places and spaces out of the way. It was easy to overlook the “stuff” until one actually wanted to USE the room. With the busy-ness of my CPE schedule (work AND class AND on-call) I simply did not have the brain cycles to do the work of weeding and sorting.

Add to this the complication that The Johnnie was returning with her own set of chaos-making unpacking. I had also promised her that I would get the remainder of the construction stash out of her closet and room. So that meant I had to pile it elsewhere.

For the last few weeks I have been working at decluttering. It’s tedious. Annoying. But necessary. And oh, so worth it!!!

Check out the two “after” pictures. 🙂  I’m really pleased. I not only have a place to read and journal, I have a desk that I can USE!! WOOT!

Now… let’s talk about the garage… oh dear.

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