in that season of waiting…

I don’t like waiting. And I sure don’t like the reality that I do NOT have control over when I will have an answer. But… that is the season I am in right now. A season of waiting…

I’ve learned two things about waiting.

One is that no matter how much you think you are at peace and “ready” to wait, you aren’t. And two, is that worrying and coming up with all of the possible answers (that you may or may not like) while you wait is counterproductive.

So, I’m not just sitting around twiddling my thumbs while I wait… (and if you know me well, it probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that!) I’ve applied to some potential CPE sites for the fall. I’ve weeded my garden. (Which is very soul-healing, by the way, but that’s another post!) I’ve done some cleaning out of closets and files. I’ve read some of the pile on my desk in that “to read” pile. And I’ve had time to sit and listen.

I am using the time to pray, to think, to consider, to wonder, and yes, to do some writing. I’m pondering what can be “trimmed” from my life and what is essential. And I’m seeing the little joys that come from slowing down enough to hear and know God’s voice of direction.

Waiting is not my first choice. But it’s the best choice for me now. Besides, if I had been busy at my usual routines, I would not have been able to take pictures of our “pet” bunnies these last few days…

I love this guy – doesn’t it look like he played in the Sharpies? He’s got a little handlebar mustache!

And then he prays before he nibbles down my garden… “Thank you God fer these yummeh flowers…”

And in the meantime, another bunneh is lounging nearby…

I have enjoyed watching the hydrangeas carpet the side of the hill…

While the birdbath fills up during a spring thunderstorm…

It’s a rich experience. Waiting on the other shoe (or raindrop) to fall…

Thanks be to God!


  1. These words speak to me. My home church is going through a major transition after the sudden departure of our parish priest. As a community we are having to slow down and to listen as we wait upon God’s direction for the next stages of our journey together.

    Personally I love bunnies and not just at Easter.

    Vicki in Ottawa Canada


  2. Hey Vicki
    Transitions are easy to talk about, hard to do! Slowing down and listening for God’s direction is the only way to go. Praying that your church finds unity and peace as they wait.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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