Power tools

Well today I spent about 5 hours cleaning up the yard from the last two or three storms. The largest part of the damage was from a combination snow/ice storm in February. The rest have fallen when we had storms with very high winds.

Our pines were planted as freebies when the housing development was built in the 1970s, so they are tall, lovely and — unfortunately — wind-grabbers. The branches are not too large, but there’s a lot of them. And unfortunately, when an upper branch breaks and falls, any branch beneath it in its path to the ground gets taken out too.

I started working on the branches a few weeks ago when it was finally warm enough to work and not freeze… AND when I had a day off during daylight, with no rain, etc. It took me most of an afternoon to do one small pile and and I swore that my next round would be with power tools.

So this morning Bearded Brewer got me connected to the chainsaw (it’s a little electric one) and away I went. I have to say that after whizzing through limb after limb, racking up piles of 3-4″ diameter logs, I was feeling pretty good. POWUH!!!!! I liked it. It also didn’t hurt my energy level to be working on a low humidity, partly sunny day, with the birds singing their hearts out in the back yard. Sweet.

I have always teased my husband about his power tools. After all, this was the person who discovered that my ‘Squeezo’ applesauce maker could utilize a power tool. Simply remove the hand crank, put on an adjustment for the right size bolt, and he and his cordless drill cranked out applesauce faster than I could catch it!

But today, after the wear and tear on my arms, I have to agree. Power tools are da bomb.

And here’s what it got me…

YEAH. I DID THAT! Cut. Tied. Stacked. Ready for recycling.

Gimme those power tools. Any time. (But first, get me some Advil. I’m feeling it. Big time.)

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  1. We’ve had a similar pile in our backyard – we had to cut down some giant maple limbs so a drilling rig would fit in our backyard, then we had to chop them up to go in the compostables carts. My husband used a chainsaw for the big stuff, I did my work with pruning shears. What would be really great would be some kind of robot to gather and stack them! :^)

    Enjoyed your slideshow a few posts back. I am looking forward to rhubarb here – it wasn’t available 10 days ago when I went to the farmer’s market but maybe it will be soon!


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