“I sent you.”

I don’t like the days when humanity’s brokenness just hurts my heart. Particularly when the hurt is brought on by those who should be showing care and concern.

I’m expecting that the moments in the ER will be hard; that the ICU will have a heartache behind every curtain. And as I bend over the isolettes in the NICU or listen to a wife worry about her husband in the surgery waiting area — I know there will be people searching their hearts for the right answer, the right decision. I consider it a sacred calling. And yes, while it is hard, I love the work I’m called to do.

But when I walked into a room tonight during my on call hours, and met a hurting, anxious, scared patient, one that has suffered a lifetime of abuse, my inner fire just started a slow burn.

I listened and heard the defeat in the voice, the words of rejection and self-hate. I heard that this had not been done by a stranger, but by a close family member. I heard that a religious organization stood by and watched as this person was hurt, time and time again by the very people that should teach trust, safety and love.

I was angry.

Angry that a person who has been so badly hurt, so deeply bruised in body, soul, and spirit should be entrapped in her fear, wrapped in a tomb of abuse. A person who is created in God’s image, is treasured beyond measure, should be valued as a reflection of the Creator. But s/he was convinced that her/his being on the planet was some kind of cosmic joke. That God does not care.

Everything in me cries out, GOD!?? Where is your justice? Where is your mercy? Where is your answer for the questions this person asks? Why don’t you DO something?

And God said, I did. I sent you.


I feel inadequate to the task. But God is not. Good thing God’s got my back…

P.S. When you read this, would you please send up a prayer for this person? God knows the name, the address and the deep need in the household. Pray. Thanks.

P.P.S. To Write Love On Her Arms day is this Saturday, Nov. 13th. Share the link with someone who needs it.

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