Today I suddenly remembered that I had not paid this month’s fee for our storage unit. OOOPS! We were driving by the place as I was taking Reedy Girl for her oboe lesson and I realized as soon as I saw their sign that I had a brain lapse. Yes, I knew a new month had started… but the connection hadn’t been made between the calendar and our bank account.

So I circled back to the storage place after dropping off our favorite oboeist and paid up for this month and next (hopefully the LAST time that we will have to do so.) I expected to have to pay a late fee, but the attendant told me, “nope, you’re in the grace period.”

GRACE period. Paid up. No fees. No penalty. Yeah, I got it. It was nice to be on the grace-side.

I remembered a Kathryn Scott ballad called “Grace has called my name”…  went searching… and lo and behold, there’s a video of it. It touches me, encourages, and reminds me to extend the same.

Grace. Which incidentally, is MY middle name. (Thanks, Mom and Dad. I do love it.)


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