Still processing…

I’m pondering and thinking about the weekend. It was a good one. In fact, it was a great one. I love the work of intentional listening and pastoring. I know I’m in the thick of what God wants me to do.

This particular Walk to Emmaus team, this group of pilgrims touched me. Yes, I had prayed for them consistently (even before I knew their names) for the last several months. Yes, I also was invested professionally in their well-being. But there was a sweet connection among us. It was just wonderful.

Today was a hard day. It was full of chaplaincy’s more poignant moments — a family decision to change to palliative care; a dedication on the pediatric unit; a grief care group; a sidewalk counseling moment with grieving family member.

Today also sucked. The car I usually drive is having “issues” — the kind of “issues” that mean lots-a-bucks… We think it might be the transmission, but I don’t want to drive it and get stuck somewhere and find out. And the dentist’s office called to remind me about the major Roto-Rooter session in my mouth on Wednesday. I can’t TELL you how much i am dreading that… And I think I’m getting a cold. So, bleah.

I’m tired, but I know God is saying, “Ya done good!” (As my friend Janis would say.)

There’s a million moments and thoughts swirling, but I’ll stop there for now. I’m content with the time it will take to process and reflect. For the moment, I’m just grateful.

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