busy mind…

I have tried to go to sleep tonight, but my mind is too “busy” with various ideas, questions, ponderings and “do lists” popping up. I know that part of my mind being in hyper-drive is because I needed my nebulizer this weekend thanks to some nasty mildew/mold encounters. And the other reason is that I’ve been reflecting on my past week at the hospital.

The preciousness of life, and how quickly it can be changed by a radically unexpected event. Remembering my life history and how it has shaped me. Considering how influences far beyond my control impact my future career and ministry. And in all of that, realizing how BIG the world is… and how small a part I play in it.

And still my mind is active, jumping from topic to topic like a frog on a griddle.

Time for some David Arkenstone and a little bit of Prayerscapes on my iPod.

And if all else fails, I’ll go to sleep with the pups…


  1. I’ve had serious sleep issues these last few years. Melatonin is helping, a natural sleep aide. But mosty, how to quiet the mind when its racing? sounds like you have some good ideas there.


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