9/11: Nine years later

The memories are very clear to me…

It was a gorgeous and clear fall day, much like today. I was in Leadership Meeting for Community Bible study. Someone came in late and said there had been a plane crash in NYC. Someone came in later and said that the Pentagon and 2nd tower were hit too. Soon after that we were told that the schools were closing. We disbanded and went home.

My car wouldn’t start, so someone gave me a ride home so that I could go get my children from school. They didn’t really understand what happened or why it was so serious. (They were 10 and 6). We sat and watched TV and then I sent them outside to play. And then my phone starting ringing with all of my out-of-town family calling, just to say, “I love you” — and to hear familiar voices. I kept a copy of the Newsweeek and Time magazines’ coverage. I wanted to remember the scenes, the fears, the faith.

Later that week when the schools reopened, the principal called me and asked me to come and play some songs with all of the kids. We sang America the Beautiful and the school song. And then they went off to class. And all of the parents (moms AND dads) stood around in the cafeteria, talking, sharing stories and trying to make sense of it all. That afternoon my husband and I met to pray at church, as many others had done. There was a sense that our security had been shattered, our sense of confidence was shaken. And yet.

God was there. And still is waiting to comfort, listen and speak. And to hear confessions for our self-righteous, self-absorbed lives.

May I never forget.

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