Slogging on…

It’s a dark, rainy Monday morning after a bright and beautiful weekend. I’m finding it hard to get motivated on school stuff this morning…

The Johnnie is back on campus after a two week spring break. I drove her back yesterday. She’s acclimated well, studying hard, and facing her own coursework with determination and focus. I’m so proud of her! But when she leaves after being around for a while, I miss her.

Reedy Girl is back after a great band tour to Nashville. She survived the 14 hour, overnight bus ride (UGH!) and managed to get a major project finished before she fell into bed last night. She works really hard and keeps herself organized and focused. There’s a bright future for her as well.

Bearded Brewer enjoyed the time with the kids around (and their friends), and has kept pace with the full calendar. It’s not his favorite thing to have so many events cranking at once, yet he helped keep the flow of errands and chores from backing up.

I still have several major projects to finish before I can have a short breather before graduation. Everything is due in the next four weeks…
6 papers… 4 major, 2 minor
various posts, essays and projects

I should be excited… but I’m just so tired. And the sudden change from fun, noise, activity and people to quiet and just the cats and my studies is a bit of a shock.

I have so many things to be thankful for, and I’m trying to focus on those…

– great, flexible, caring husband
– healthy, bright, loving daughters
– good friends
– and a faithful God

Slogging on – the next assignment – the next textbook…


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