– all of my family is home!
I retrieved The Johnnie from her dorm this morning, and Reedy Girl is finished with her high school classes as of lunchtime.
Bearded Brewer is scheduled off for two days (Wednesday-Thursday) and we will enjoy some down time together. What will it be? A rousing game of Apples 2 Apples or Mexican train???

– we have worked through some of our impasse with the nursing home regarding hospice for my mother-in-law
While there are some things we are not happy about (i.e. having to nag them to keep her pain at bay) they have been responsive and have taken the time to at least listen to our concerns. We’d prefer she could be enrolled in hospice, but the state bean counters and their holy “Certificate of Need” seem to make it impossible to provide an individual with services as requested. So until there’s a bed… she’s being watched with many kind hearts and gentle hands…

– we are full of grace and peace
Yesterday Ruth came up and led the four of us (Bearded Brewer, MIL and me) in a Rite II Eucharist. There are such comforting words in the liturgy. Though she could not speak, she was clearly following. I am grateful for the gift of grace in the Bread and Cup, and for a servant-hearted friend like Ruth. God’s Presence has been touching mine all day. It’s a gracious gift.

Wherever you are – may you have that same sense of God’s Presence.

Blessed Thanksgiving to you!

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