today’s list…

– Bearded Brewer’s suit to the dry cleaners
– buy eggs so that Reedy Girl can bake (don’t ask how old the eggs are in my fridge.)
– maybe get The Johnnie from campus – maybe do that tomorrow
– get music and CDs for Mom V’s room to block the hall noise in the nursing home (it is NOT restful!)
– have a prayer and communion with Bearded Brewer, Ruth C and Mom V – she is coming to do a special prayer and Eucharist (she has the OLD BCP thankyouverymuch) which Mom V will appreciate hearing, even if she is now basically nonverbal
– do other chauffeuring and household chores…
– love on my family…
– cry

I have already…
– burned a pot on the stove
– washed a load of towels for the 3rd time since they never made it to the dryer – again!!
– lost my keys (and found them)
– have soup in the crockpot and bread in the bread machine for dinner…

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