Some Thoughts on Doing My Civic Duty

About four years ago, I received a jury summons in the mail. It was a regular summons for the County Circuit Court, usually meaning “one day or one trial.”

I admit it. I complained. I grumbled. I whined. I tried to figure out how to get excused. To be “un-selectable.”

In the middle of my pity party, I mentioned to a neighbor how I wished I didn’t “have” to serve. I mused out loud, “I wonder how I can get out of it??”

Her response stopped my complaining… She said, “well, I hope if you ever need jury trial, you get people who are better Christians than you. Aren’t you supposed to be all about serving your fellow man?”

Ouch. Yeah. What about that? If I am going to claim some high moral ground on other issues relating to the law, shouldn’t I be willing to act in the best interests of others? Wouldn’t this be a “render unto Caesar” issue? It was pretty convicting.

Sooo… I made arrangements for my kids to be picked up by another parent from school, in case I was chosen. I packed a lunch. I put a book in my tote bag. And I went… and sat all day, doing nothing but waiting.

I realize as I write this that my regular jury summons should be coming up soon again. Lord willing it won’t be the week I need to finish a paper. But if it is, and if I’m selected, I’ll try to serve with integrity and honesty.


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