5 Things…

5 fun things I did today…
1. Furminated the cats (2 out of 3)
2. Drained the coffee pot
3. Prayed with a cat on my lap
4. Watered a snake (accidentally – there was a garter snake outside in my mums!)
5. Had leftover (cold) pizza for lunch

5 things I wasted time on…
1. Bejeweled on Facebook (gad, it is addicting!)
2. Trying to find a favorite pen
3. Blogging
4. Sorting a bookshelf
5. Reading other people’s Facebooks

5 things I am thankful for…
1. Bearded Brewer
2. 2 daughters
3. 3 cats
4. many friends
5. aptitude to use the brain God gave me

5 things I pray for…
1. Clarity for where God will send us
2. Using our resources wisely
3. Guarding the hearts of our children
4. Spiritual protection
5. Peace

5 things I need to finish today…
1. Read over Greek vocab. cards
2. Write two sermon outlines
3. Read far too many pages in OT textbooks
4. Complete an essay on “Christocentric” sermons
5. Drive to Annapolis to pick up The Johnnie for a long weekend at home!


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