Why "unfinished" ?

Someone asked me recently why I titled my blog “Another Unfinished Symphony.” I guess I have a love of things that aren’t perfect, aren’t filed, categorized and broken down into 60 nanosecond steps. I care for people, I don’t “manage” them. I listen to stories, I don’t “catalogue” them. And I really don’t give a frip about “best practices” which are about saving money, not serving.

But that’s just me…

So when I was trying to come up with something that could represent the ongoing saga, the timeless tale (hmmm… what other drivel can I rip off?) of Deb…. I was at a loss.

My iTunes was on “shuffle mode” as usual, and it began to play Franz Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony. (# 8 in B minor, for you music-holics.) And it just seemed to work. There’s a lot I haven’t finished.

For instance,
– a quilt.
– cross-stitch projects.
– mending.
– laundry. Always laundry.
– the research that covers my desk and clutters my thoughts.
– weeding.
– putting photos in an album… since forever.

What gets done instead?
– chauffeuring
– listening to friends
– a truckload of reading
– Facebook/blog and other black holes of time wasting!
– Family
– prayer, writing, procrastinating.
– meals, cleaning, etc.
– serving on a Chrysalis or a Kairos Outside team
– small group, friends, etc.

I’m not complaining. I make choices on how I spend my days, and many times there isn’t extra seconds to do those “other” things. But it’s just a reality that everything does not get done. As as I know the only Person who ever finished things… was God. The rest of us have forever to learn how to care for what God created.

So I leave you with a bit a classical music, to run errands, chauffeur my favorite oboeist, and to ponder… what have you left unfinished that you might complete today?

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