M is for Memories…

M is for Memories…

We just arrived home this evening. I drove the last 6+ hours of an eleven hour drive (by choice – my beloved offered, but I really prefer to drive.) Traffic from the Virginia border northward was simply NUTS. Three lanes of traffic, bumper-to-bumper, pushing 70 mph. It’s just mentally exhausting.

But I can set that memory aside as I look at pictures from vacation…

This was where I had morning coffee, or an afternoon brew…
It overlooks the salt marsh, where the ibis, herons and egrets congregate.
And you know you are on vacation when you can sit in one place and watch
the tide turn…
This was taken one bright, sunny day (as you can see!)
from the beach, looking back at the row of houses.
My mom’s place is second from the right. These are
duplexes — spacious, quiet and refreshing.
I love this beach because it’s a quiet, natural beach.
We never know what the shape of the shoreline will
be, or what critters will show up as we walk it. We loved
the barnacles on the back of this horseshoe crab!
One evening the girls and I went to the pool for a swim.
While they were in the water, I shot the sunset from the deck.
This overlooks the salt marsh, so the reflection was really something.
Our annual family photo: Yours truly, The Harpist (soon
to be The Johnnie!), Reedy Girl and Bearded Brewer. Taken
our last night on the beach. sigh….

SO… when my classes start to get to me, or my deadlines for papers and projects are too close together, I will wander back to my photos and remember… this space. This time. This resting place.

Thanks, Lord.

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