Two people I’d ask you to pray for…

There’s two special people I’d ask your prayers for…

Little Collin, who is 5.5 months old and has dealt with far too many tests, hospitalizations and “medical stuff” than a little guy should.

Pray for him to make steady progress, and for healing. And for a God-sized dose of peace for his parents…

And this is Dave… about a year ago, Dave had a serious motorcycle accident. By a miracle of God, the right emergency workers just “happened” to be in a car that came on him right after his accident. And with lots of surgery, prayer and support, he’s on the road to recovery.

He has surgeries left to continue repairing the spaghetti of his insides, but mostly, prayers for him and his wife, Kendahl, would be huge.

Thanks for being a part of the unseen “cloud of witnesses” surrounding them…


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