The TOES have it

Ah, a completely pointless post. Finally. NO angst here. No defeat. Just De Feet. (ar ar ar ar) These are the entries for the shoes we liked the least during a recent trip to the DSW to find shoes to go with The Harpist’s prom dress…

First up, we have the shoes voted “most likely to have been recycled from a lawn chair.”

Next up, (and I’m sorry the color is off, but you will have to take my word for it), the shoes voted to be “closest to the color of pee.”

Next, the shoes voted to have been “attacked by sea anemones.” BACK!!! BACK!!! BACK I SAY!!!

And finally…

I do NOT care what Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear say about how shoes like this are “comfortable”… What a bunch of hooey.

These shoes were my size. And they HURT like the dickens. My poor toesies were so squished that I had a uni-toe. (And, as my sister pointed out, they were definitely made to squish bugs in the corners of a room.)

I give you – “The Uni-Toe Shoes.”

Now, if you want to see the prom dress, and the cute shoes that she found to go with it, you’ll have to wait. Prom’s on May 29th… But here’s a sneak preview…

There you are. Pearls of wisdom for today…


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