2008 – The Year In Review

New Year’s is that season of looking back to assess and looking ahead to make goals and plans. I’m doing this for school and work and it seemed appropriate to do at least a review of my blog in 2008.

It’s a fun way to see how I blogged the year. And it is noteworthy that in 2008 I blogged the most I ever have… 291 posts!

If you’d like to play, here’s what you do… take the first sentence of the first post of the month… and see if you notice any pattern or common theme.

I’ve linked you to the post, if the sentence intrigues you.

Look out! The mothership has landed!

Well, first, you have to understand what has happened to the American brain.

I knew this week’s schedule would be draining.

I finished reading Gracism by David Anderson last evening and have been mulling it over all day.

I turn not because you push me but because I want to move and face the change.

WHEN: July 12, 2008

There are moments…

Pre-GPS days, I would play “radio roulette” and just keep punching the “search” button on my FM radio.

Is it possible to sprain your brain?

SOooo… this makes me stop and think and believe for all of the “orchard possibilities” in my life, and where God may “plant” me in the future.

John Ortberg in The Life You’ve Always Wanted talks about ‘hurry sickness.”

There’s a virtual Advent Retreat going on over at RevGalBlogPals today…

It’s been a year of growth and change — all for the good, though at the time the painful parts truly sucked…

Here’s to what GOD intends for 2009. I’m ready!


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