A Picture Meme

A new kind of meme… a picture meme!

I can do this while I wait for the hot water to boil…

1. Post the fourth picture in your “My Pictures” folder.
2. Tell why you took it (or snagged it from the web).
3. Share a memory, a smell or a sensation from this photo…

1. The Family Mug shot, 2007

2. WOW. This was taken a year ago in Dolly Sods, West Virginia in one of the wilderness areas. It was chilly and blustery (like today) but sunny enough to have a great hike. We finally found a tree stump that had been left “beavered” about 2′ tall. With a rock and a baseball hat, we managed to prop up the camera for a timer shot. We were trying for a Christmas card shot, but everyone nixed it. So now it’s on the web. This is progress??? In a year, the Harpist is a smidge taller, Reedy Girl is a LOT taller (almost up to my eyebrows!) and Bearded Brewer and I have collected some more grey uh… highlights!

3. Good memories… a lot of love. I think I burned dinner that night. We played Dutch Blitz and Mexican train and stayed cozy in the cabin…

Feel free to play – I won’t make you. But the kettle is simmering and I’m back to the books!!


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