Poetry Party: The Written Word

From Christine at Abbey of the Arts:

I select an image and suggest a title and invite you to respond with your poems, words, reflections, quotes, song lyrics, etc. Feel free to take your poem in any direction and then post the image and invitation on your blog and encourage others to come join the party!

This week’s theme is simple: I invite you to write a poem celebrating the gift of the written word in your life.

I looked at Christine’s image and thought about the power of God’s Word in my life to blown down my mental barriers, to bring me to a place of “followship” — It reminded me of the feeling I had when I saw these ruins in France. SO – with her picture and mine in mind, I wrote…

Taken at the site of a Roman bath and temple ruins near Poitiers, France.

Your Word knocks down the verbal strongholds in my mind
where I think I can fool others, I do not fool You.
Your Word presents the Truth with a gentle whisper,
removes the barriers of my rebellion
the defenses of an angry heart tumble to the ground.

You lovingly teach, remind, rebuke.
You celebrate and tenderly restore.

I remain at Your feet.
Lifted up. Rejoicing. Renewed.

Thank You for Your Word…

Deb Vaughn

takes the wind out of Babel pretense,
he shoots down the world’s power-schemes.
God‘s plan for the world stands up,
all his designs are made to last.
Blessed is the country with God for God;
blessed are the people he’s put in his will.
Psalm 33:10-12

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