Send a great 17 year old to Mexico!

This is not an infomercial…. this is for a real person!

I have talked about our lovely Harpist. She is less than 10 days away from heading to Mexico to work in an orphanage. She is short about $600. If you would like to help her… please use this link. Specify “BETH – MEXICO” in the memo area (there is a place to leave a comment.)

It’s 100% deductible.
It’s for a great cause.
It helps a house full of kids and their house parents in tangible ways and shows them the love of Christ.
And you will bless and delight one of our wonderful girls (and her parents…)

If she raises OVER her amount (we would be delighted) the extra money will help pay for repairs to a well at the orphanage. The estimated cost for the well repair is $7000 (US dollars.) Other funds will be used to pay for school supplies, clothing and new backpacks for the kids.

OK, Plug and plea over…. thanks…


P.S. These are the kids that they loved on last year… real kids. Real needs. Real Jesus love…

UPDATE!!! Tuesday, July 22nd….
ONLY $200 to go!!! WOW! I have some amazing blogging friends!!! (You know who you are, and you rock!!!)

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