continuing the journey…

It’s hard to believe. It’s happening on Saturday. Along with my co-worker, Glenn, I’m getting ordained by my church.

Part of me says, “it’s ONLY a piece of paper.”
Part of me says, “it’s a BIG HONKIN’ DEAL!”
And a good part of me is terrified.

The prayers will be said, the laying on of hands will take place… People will say (hopefully) encouraging things. My husband and kids, my mom and at least one of my sibs will be there. People who have loved and encouraged and walked this road with me will be there. Church family and staff will be there.

In the end. It’s still me. I haven’t changed. And yet, I have. The journey continues. I am standing on the edge of something huge and beyond my comprehension…

If you had told me five years ago that I would be looking to this day… I would have laughed. Hard. I would have been wondering if it could happen… if this dream, so long ago crushed and put down because it “wasn’t biblical for women to be ordained”… if I could dare to see it come to pass. I can hardly believe it’s almost here.

And yet, here I am.

Grateful. Delighted. And a little stunned…

Prayers appreciated. (And yes – I will post pictures…)


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