Goings on…

Wow! What a week! We’re only at Thursday, and a lot has happened…

After two years… following the “rules” for foods she could and could not eat… patiently ticking off the the countdown on her whiteboard…

Reedy Girl got her braces off!


and after…

Loving that bubblegum!

And her special dinner request was corn on the cob! She missed TWO SUMMERS of corn on the cob. It seemed only fair!

A new boy came to live with us! He only has a “shelter name” but hasn’t told us his “real” name. He’s in quarantine in Reedy Girl’s room as we wait to be sure he is healthy before “the girlie cats” meet him. He quickly discovered the comforts of Reedy Girl’s loft bed…

And then he decided to claim the top of the book case right beside it. He hangs out on the top shelf, right next to the ceiling. (don’t you LOVE the crossed front paws!??)

And he should get down why?? ha! HA!

(Oh. OK. MAYBE he’ll come down for Greenies…)

The other two cats are disturbed. Strange NEW smell-o-cat coming from Reedy Girl’s room. Most unusual. (Tiria has been blogging about her suspicions. If you visit her, don’t TELL!!!)


A snake learned to play the harp!

Actually, it seemed that Calvin just liked the vibrations! He hung out across the top of The Harpist’s instrument for quite a while. Isn’t that a hoot?

ANYTHING can happen! Like maybe I can get some homework done???? nah….


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