Guilt Trips

Tiria is convinced I am a bad Hooman. She guarded my suitcase. She sulked on the bed as I packed. But to no avail. I managed to get out of town! I am at seminary this week for an intensive at Whoopin Holiness Divinity School.

It’s been quite a journey to get to this point… The longer I’m on this road, the more I see that God works in my life and ministry experiences AND classes to teach me the same lesson. (I guess that’s just ’cause I’m in the “slow lane” and need an extra kick-in-the-shorts to get it…) But more than theology, I am thinking and processing what it is I “really” believe.

I came here to WHDS because I did not want to attend a denominational school. And I also was not willing to take the “all but” route at local seminaries. (These are the ones that will let a female student take “all but” the classes which are “pastoral ministry” classes. As if systematics and so on are not needed for “pastoral” work”? Don’t GET me started…) I’m neither pentecostal nor charismatic in my leanings personally, so sometimes I really feel like the odd duck. (I don’t mind if you wanna whoop. Just don’t assume that we must have lock-step theology and practice to both be “Christian.”)

But today, driving down to the local rent-a-room chain with my fellow sojourner Texas Tea, I realized it really isn’t about the classes. Or the theological line one might choose. It’s not about who can write the most pompous-sounding research papers. Or have discussions with people who had a Thesaurus for lunch.

It is about God.
About living and emulating Christ.
About living in such a way that it’s obvious that I’m fueled by the Spirit…

And the rest? Eh. I figure 100 years from now, it’s all gonna be a wash.

Just another step on the journey…
(whoop whoop!)


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