Virtual Meet-up

What’s this about at ParTAAaaayy???

The first RevGal to hear about the ParTAAAAY coming up on July 12th was Mary Beth. And it just seemed to be Providential. (Not that I didn’t want to tell the rest of you…) When we had a virtual meet-up via cell phones, she found THIS outside her hotel on the streets of DC!!

Why is this so amazing? Well, the parTAAAAy is going to be more of a celebration than a solemnization. We will have a time of worship and prayer – contemporary and not especially liturgical – which fits our church. And there will be reading of Scripture and a “charge” to us. The other ordinand is Glenn, who is a co-worker, friend and one of the funniest people I know. His only request was that we NOT have something that required ties. Or robes. And my only desire was for air conditioning!!!

As we talked about it, more and more, we agreed that the act of “ordination” is the People of God saying “we agree with where God is leading you.” And we want the people we care about, the folks we know best to be a part of it. It also is a time to acknowledge that we are “set apart” to do the ministry God has Called us to — not because we are “special” or super Christians, just that this is how we will live out and use our giftings for God. And we know that Jesus showed up at a lot of parties…

So, we hit on the idea of an Ordination Luau! Hawaiian shirt required (or at least encouraged!) Ties and fancy schmancy dress refused. And uh, no. I ain’t wearing no coconut bra! The quest is on for a flattering Hawaiian shirt. Which might be an oxymoron… but…

ParTaaayyyy on!


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