I should not let it annoy me. Really, I shouldn’t.

This morning on a break from class, I was headed back from the bathroom. Near our classroom there was a lecture/discussion group of various bigwigs and campus visitors. I don’t really know what it was, but I saw VIPs in there, so it wasn’t picking the softball team captain. Usually when there’s a bigwig discussion, there are various “perky people” setting up information tables and smiling at everyone who goes by. I am really good at “smile, nod and scoot.” (This is because my worst nightmare is that I might get stuck in a crowded hallway have to gladhand or speak to a particular individual associated with my school for whom I have little respect. But I digress…)

Anyway, one of the perky people asked me “are you So-and-so’s wife?” I smiled and said, “no, I’m a divinity student.”

:blink. blink: “Oh. Here?” :blink. blink:


:blink. blink: “Oh I didn’t know women were in divinity school here.” :blink. blink:



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