Calvinomics: [Kal-vinn-ohm-iks]

1. The science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and with the theory and management of Calvin’s systems.
2. A state of being chosen, whether you know it or not.
3. “This snake chose ME.” (to paraphrase a T-shirt)

Maybe you wondered how snakes eat. (Well… maybe you didn’t. If so you can skip this post.) Basically, to eat like a snake, you hug your food to death and swallow it whole.

FIRST – you have a snake. And a mousie. Mousie is verrra verrrrra still so snake no see him?? Maybe??

No such luck, mousie! Snake DEEElighted to see mousie and gives BIG hug. Scares the – uh – STUFF out of the mousie.

REALLY hugs. REALLY scares.

Bigger BIGGER hug. Nom nom nom nom nom…

Snake smileth. Helps girl do homework. (Probably math… snakes are ADDERS you know…. heeheheeee…. Sorry.)

I promise I will get more sleep…


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