A Revelation Friday Five

Sally of RevGals writes:

With this Sunday’s gospel reading in mind, that wonderful revelation of Christ to the companions on the Emmaus road. I wonder where you might have been surprised by God’s revelation recently.

So with no further waffle I offer you this weeks Friday 5:

How has God revealed himself to you in a…

1. Book — The Bible
Consistently, predictably, immeasurably, gently… I get “God pokes” every time I read my Bible. OK, that sounds obvious. But as someone who has struggled off and on over the years to read my Bible consistently in a ‘devotional’ mode rather than in ‘study’ mode it is always a wonderful experience. Yesterday while reading in Deuteronomy (Deuteronomy? yes!) I was reminded of how every blessing in my life is part of that train of promises God has given his people over the generations. And I am grafted in to the line of heirs… AMAZING!

2.Film — Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Dead Man’s Chest):

: [studies his upside-down Bible intently, then looks up] Well, I say it was Divine Providence what escaped us from jail.
Pintel: And *I* say it was me bein’ clever.
[turns to the dog with the keys]
Pintel: Ain’t that right, Poochie?
Ragetti: Well, how’d you know it weren’t Divine Providence what inspired you to *be* clever?


Davey Jones: Do you fear… death? Do you fear that dark abyss? All your deeds laid bare, all your sins punished?

3. Song — You Never Let Go
Matt Redman’s song “You Never Let Go” caught me by surprise…

4. Another person — Sarah
A chat last night with my friend Sarah. She said a couple things that were obvious, and yet not. Thanks, friend… Wish you were here…

5. Creation — Cherry blossoms
The stunning handiwork of God in the cherry blossoms here in DC… For me, a quintissential expression of hope, of promise, of changes in the air…

Bonus answer: your choice- share something encouraging/ amazing/ humbling that has happened to you recently!

I just finished reading Henri Nouwen’s book “The Selfless Way of Christ” and there’s so much in my response to that book that it will have to be another post…

More to come!


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