I finished reading Gracism by David Anderson last evening and have been mulling it over all day. I found several chapters quite thought-provoking.

He addresses many of the “-isms” that separate humanity into our comfortable little compartments… I appreciated that he took the race issue head-on and and allowed people who have discomfort some space to process their feelings. I especially appreciated that he was not judgemental or condemning, because, frankly, we all have our favorite “-isms” and we cling to them. (Case in point, the whole Obama/Wright kerfuffle!) No one gets a “free card” on this issue.

It’s going to require a re-read, that’s for sure. But I kept wishing that he would address sexism a little more directly. Perhaps because racism is more universally experienced by both men and women? Or because, being a male, even though he is an African American, he doesn’t see it to be such a big “problem”?? I dunno…

Just musing. There’s lots of good stuff in this book. It would make a great topical sermon series, if one dared to wade through it…


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