from my heart…

musing at twilight
i stand and i watch
and wait
and weep
and wonder

why now?
why not later?
why not never?

i stand and i pray
and dream
and ask
and ponder

then when?
and where?
and could i ever?

footprints ahead
and beside
and behind
scattered in seemingly purposelessness
and aligned in purposefulness

God knows
God sees
God redesigns

the waves
come crashing on and on
higher and higher on the sand
tomorrow starts new

no blots
no mistakes
no pain
(except what i bring to it
and God allows)

still makes no sense
the whys
the worries
the wonder

God’s love is bigger
overswells me
but does not overwhelm me

and for this night
this twilight prayer
that is more than enough
to break the dawn

Deb Vaughn
March 5, 2008

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