My Desk…

I knew it was coming… a couple of “crunch time” days until I head to Modular Week in “the Holy Land” (aka Virginia Beach) on Sunday. SO I won’t be blogging much.

To give you an idea of the insanity I need to:

  • turn in two projects (thankfully, one is only a powerpoint!)
  • post on Blackboard in one class
  • do some prep for church events like the annual prayer retreat, and some small group stuff
  • practice a “Retro Sunday” piece of music
  • write a “reflective” essay on “Spiritual Leadership” by Blackaby

And the family needs…

  • groceries (done)
  • cat litter (oops)
  • cat food (got it)
  • forms signed (done)
  • appointments made (done)
  • a ride to events (no can do – won’t be here)
  • laundry (some, not all – they can do the rest.)

But wait… there’s more…

  • Thursday through Saturday, I’m headed to South Carolina for a (very) short family reunion.
  • Sunday morning is a busy day at church with one of our “Friend Day” events.
  • Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. Reedy Girl has a concert and yours truly is her accompanist (who keeps forgetting that third sharp in A Major, dang it!), AND
  • my fellow seminarian and all around great friend, Dana, picks me up at 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon to head down to Modular Week.

And believe it or not, I turned down doing some things in the few hours I am going to be home this weekend!!!

Needing my head examined… I am your slightly demented

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