RevGalBlogPals: Friday Five on Resolutions

I read the RevGals Friday Five this week and my age started showing. Don’t know why, but the Beatles song, “You Say You Want a Revolution” came thundering through my head. One little letter…


I suppose seriously taking RESOLUTIONS seriously would cause a REVOLUTION in my life. So I have started this post over. (And, if I have now stuck a song in your head, my apologies. Maybe I can get it out of MINE now!)


Sally from RevGalBlogPals writes:

Well it had to be didn’t it? Love them or hate them I bet you’ve been asked about New Year resolutions. So with no more fuss here is this weeks Friday Five:

1. Do you make New Year resolutions?
No, not really. Maybe it’s being on this continuous self-improvement or spiritual formation process called “seminary”…

2. Is this something you take seriously, or is it a bit of fun? Oh most definitely un-serious. That is, to write them down and all that.

3. Share one goal for 2008. To go skydiving, lose 20 pounds, finally nail that triple axel and bring about world peace. OK, seriously? To keep faith, family, friends, ministry and studies in the right order.

4. Money is no barrier, share one wild/ impossible dream for 2008. Take my husband and kids to the German Alps.

5. Someone wants to publish a story of your year in 2008, what will the title of that book be? My first thought was a horror story: “The Year That Ate Her Brain” but that seems a wee bit dramatic! (Can you tell I have been looking at next semester’s syllabi and panicking a bit?) But, given my serious goal listed above, “Laughing and Loving Life with God.” Yeah. That works.

You say you want a RESOLUTION? May all of yours be real ones…


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