The mothership has landed…


Look out! The mothership has landed!
One of the things I asked for (and received) this Christmas was a refill of the planner pages for my “brain”. I have a Palm Zire that is dying (sadly) and doesn’t want to sync. I had three calendars going – my desk, the kitchen and my laptop. Depending on where I was, appointments and reminders were written in one calendar, sometimes two, but never all three. The last few weeks of the fall semester, things got VERY messy. I dropped the ball more than I hit it.
Beloved and I are going to be looking for new PDA/cell phone combos so that electronically, at least, we can be synced. But I needed SOMETHING that was easy to update until then to manage “life” and all of its many tangles. Something that I could quickly copy or check for all of life’s events because this semester is going to be crazy!
sooo…. off to the races. Planner in hand…

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