beamed down to earth?

I missed a few days of posting. Blame it on cookie baking, church, Christmas parties and shopping. I don’t like being so busy that I can’t find my Bible because it is under piles of “things” to do on my desk! YUCK!

However, something came my way this weekend that I am so happy to have received. It’s a CD set of the Bible – the WHOLE thing! As I was out “on maneuvers” today I took out Luke and popped it in my car CD player. Wonderful!

We’ve had a recording of parts of the Bible before. They were… hokey! The recording had “sound effects” behind the Scripture reading. For instance, in the account of The Transfiguration of Christ (Matthew 17) the background noise sounds like a transporter from Star Trek was being activated! It was so ludicrous as to be hilarious!!! This was gimmick-free… well-read, and refreshing. Will it take the place of my own devotional studies? No… but it will help to hear it and put it in the front of my thoughts.

But the “transporter” image has kinda stuck with me today. We forget the process of the Incarnation. A human mother. The Holy Spirit. It wasn’t by accident or instantaneous. It was… Life! Not a magic trick. Not a beam-down of Jesus to do a three year walk-about. As crazy as that last sentence sounds, it is more believable than a pregnant virgin.

THAT was indeed a miracle…

musing along the way…


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