Advent Reflection – "done"

My LIST for the semester is DONE! I wish I knew what my grades were, though. I was just about to clear off my desk and joyfully add to the recycling bin, when I realized that “the moment complete, the moment to come” is what Advent is all about.

The semester’s assignments are finished and I can start to do all of the other things I wanted to do but haven’t done yet for the holidays. “All” I have left are my remaining days of work as an intern for the semester… which I am loving every minute of, by the way…

I am a little restless, though. I want to know my grades on a couple of papers that have been turned in… and it is hard to wait. Part of me wants to incessantly go on-line and view the gradebook. And the rest of me says, “CHILL OUT!

Advent is like that. We can look ahead anxiously and worry that everything will be an “A+” season. Will the presents get wrapped? Will they be liked? appreciated? Have I forgotten anyone that I need to have a little something for??? And, even though my husband gives me his EXACT list (don’t surprise him, just buy the list) isn’t there something I can find that he will love??? We can look ahead to the future and miss the moment.

We can long for the return of Jesus and miss the fulfillment of God’s promises to us in the Christ Child.

I’m thinking that papers, grades and Advent — are all kind of the same thing…

Still waiting…

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