Cow Blog for Mindy

I told Mindy I would share this story with all of you…

So, while we were in Paris, checking out various shops, sites and scenes, we came upon a carousel with really cool hand-carved, painted animals on it. The four of us who were touring Paris together hopped on for a ride at 1 Euro a piece (a cheap moment in Paris, to be sure.) I looked and looked for the animal who would invite me to ride. (You know you don’t just HOP on any old animal on a carousel, now, do you? You ask them.)

Well, there were unicorns and horses of various colors. Bunnies. Ducks. Sheep. Goats. Coaches. Chariots. Chaise lounges. And… a lovely cow.

I told her I would like to ride her – not the white horse next to her. And would it be OK? I asked her if she minded because, well, the horses were a little snooty and the unicorn looked like everyone asked her. And I just thought that France having such lovely cheeses, that a carousel ride in Paris – HAD to be on a cow. “Si-Moo-plait?” I asked, politely.

She said, “well, you know my paint’s worn a little thin and I’ve really had a up and down kinda day. I really haven’t gotten very far along in life.”

I suggested that maybe that was what life was like for everyone, whether or not they worked on a carousel.

She stared off into the distance. “I hadn’t thought about it that way,” she said. “And I guess I would like to do something else… But OK… hop on.”

So we went for a twirl. And she and I had a lovely time. And she sends regards to Mindy.


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