10 things!

I am getting a cold just before my student sermon this Sunday. What great timing. (not) I really feel like crawling into the nearest hole… but I have made it through making Thanksgiving dinner (with help) and Beloved Bearded Spouse is going to do the rest of the clean up. I am taking a break from sermon prep. I’m trying not to complain here, but this demon of a cold could have waited until next week. Ya know?

OK. An antidote to complaining is gratitude… or so I am going to preach… (very funny, Lord.) So for a taste of my own medicine, here’s 10 things that make me thankful for this cold.

  1. tissues
  2. purr therapy from Tiria (apparently I am forgiven for leaving for 10 days)
  3. throat spray called “Singer’s Saving Grace”
  4. ibuprophen
  5. robitussin cough gels (last 8 hours)
  6. it’s not the flu
  7. it’s not bronchitis
  8. I don’t have to sing this week
  9. so far I haven’t given this bug to anyone else
  10. I’m getting out of cleaning up after a turkey dinner



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