First Dunk

I had another pastor-in-training milestone… I was blessed to baptize Sarah yesterday, a woman in our college and career ministry. I didn’t hit her head on the side of the hot tub (the pool was under 70 degrees, so we opted for the hot tub!) And… she came back up, breathing.

One of the pastoral staff who were there (they were ALL there) said that for a first baptism, it was tricky. Yeah. Negotiating the small space and shallow water was a bit of a challenge. And it could have been nerve-wracking since there were lots of other folks there, just to celebrate with her. I didn’t want to make a pastoral “bloopers” reel. Darin did the intro and charge. And then it was time to get wet!! But you know? I wasn’t nervous. I had the privilege of being His hands. He had already done His work in Sarah’s heart… I just helped her seal it. And the rest was not “my job” at all… (Funny how that works.)

There’s many pastor “firsts” I guess. I didn’t realize how many. First time you preach. First time you baptize, marry and bury. First time you counsel someone. First time you lead communion. First time you hear your name and “pastor” from someone in the same breath… and I hadn’t stopped to ponder all that before.

So many firsts — and if they all flow as naturally as this one… Wow… It’s something to watch GOD work… that’s all…


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