spinning my wheels…

I haven’t gotten this balance between an honest self-appraisal and rating myself in the bottom ten of whatever I attempt. As I wrestle with this, you’ll have to be patient with where I’m blogging from day to day. I know I seem to vascillate between “I AM all that and a bag of chips” and “I am a flippin’ idiot.” Not just in preaching, but in anything.

Healthy? Yes, when I can take myself less seriously and yet be serious about growing.
Unhealthy? Sure. Because I obsess and deal with perfectionist “tapes” in my head.

As I pray and think on this, I understand that the same drive to do it all “perfectly” is the same drive that causes me to self-destruct, or to not move at all in a fit of anxious “how-am-I-gonnas”…

Not stuck… just spinning my wheels on this…

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