Thorny issues

This “loving one another” stuff is hard. And yet it is completely easy.

It involves remembering…
Remembering grace being extended to me…
Remembering that I have made so many mistakes in my past, but I finally can forgive myself for them and learn from them…
Remembering that there were no requirements or preconditions for me to be loved by Jesus, just that I am.

The thorny issues I have been watching others work through right now are difficult. They are complex. And real pain and real people are involved. It’s messy. I want to solve the problems, offer solutions and be a parent, not a friend; a surgeon, not a pastor. Instead I am called to listen, to pray, to encourage. And to keep my hands off the situation and God’s Hands on it…

I’m choosing to believe in the power of God to bring about change.
I’m choosing to love.

God loves you and has chosen you as His own special people. So be gentle, kind, humble, meek, and patient. Put up with each other, and forgive anyone who does you wrong, just as Christ has forgiven you. Love is more important than anything else. It is what ties everything completely together. Each one of you is part of the body of Christ, and you were chosen to live together in peace. So let the peace that comes from Christ control your thoughts. And be grateful. [Colossians 3:12-15]

Yes, there are some thorny issues in the path right now. But by showing love, and remembering His grace and mercy… the way is being smoothed for growth and healing.

And I am watching as these beautiful roses bloom above their thorns…


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