In a Quiet Place…

What a lovely morning! We are up for a short visit with friends in a more rural area of Maryland (Carroll County.) Even though I have studying I could do, I’m vegging and thinking.

We were up at dawn this Sunday to sing and celebrate. It was a raucous worship time. Very loud. Very joyous. Laughter. Clapping. Cheers.

The way home, everyone was subdued and the coffee we chugged at 5:30 a.m. had started to wear off. Driving over the back roads towards our friend’s log house, the morning mist was settling in the hollows of the cornfields. It looked like a thin layer of quilt batting with wispy edges! I was wishing for my camera so that I could capture the beauty. Everything was still tucked in for the night.

Now the house is relatively quiet (since everyone else is napping) and I hear only the wind chimes and birds for background noise, with the dishwasher humming and the occasional car on the gravel road out front. Quiet. Peace. Rest.

The extreme contrast is what life is all about. Peaks. Valleys. Celebrations. Reflection. And God is there every step of the way..

I am just grateful, that’s all…


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